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Gel Anti-dandruff against dandruff
Gel Anti-dandruff against dandruff
This is a special gel against pertinacious dandruff. It contains the anti-dandruff agent "OCTOPIROX" (registered trademark of HOECHST), scalp mild D-Panthenol and anti-inflammatory components such as chamomile extract. It desinfects and...
Content 100 Mililiter
£13.98 * £15.34 *
Herbal Hairbath S (anti-dandruff)
Herbal Hairbath S (anti-dandruff)
Herbal Hairbath S is developed especially against hair loss and dandruff. It cleans thoroughly the scalp and prevents dandruff building. This shampoo is dioxan- and saltfree. Directions of use: Apply thriftily into wet hair and massage...
Content 250 Mililiter (£5.59 * / 100 Mililiter)
£13.98 *