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Finishing Spray FIX Plus Ultra Strong 400ml
Finishing Spray FIX Plus Ultra Strong 400ml
Schiffers Haar's finishing spray FIX Plus Ultra Strong 400ml is perfect for long lasting effects, gets dry fast and has a shining effect. The structure and form remains even if windy or humid. Directions of use: Apply on dry hair. Easy...
Content 400 Mililiter (£0.04 * / 1 Mililiter)
£15.74 * £17.05 *
Hair Spray long lasting effect
Hair Spray long lasting effect
Our hair spray contains a protein and is perfectly suitable by blow drying, modelling or simple hair blow drying. Collagen nourishes additionally your hair. Directions of use: Apply equally on fresh washed mildly dried hair....
Content 200 Mililiter (£6.99 * / 100 Mililiter)
£13.98 * £14.14 *
Mattifying Cream Wax
Mattifying Cream Mattwachs
With Mattifying Cream you can achieve flexible styling and long lasting form preservation. Modelling with ease and accenting are absolutely no problem. Your hair will become a spectacular matt effect, dragging attention of others....
Content 100 Mililiter
£16.35 * £17.05 *
Styling Mousse
Schaumfestiger Styling Mousse
Styling Mousse for naturally looking headdressings. Specifically selected ingredients strengthen your hair and give it volume, gloss and make it springy. Directions of use: Shuffle vigorously before use. Hold cone downwards and spray...
Content 200 Mililiter (£8.75 * / 100 Mililiter)
£17.49 * £17.91 *
Wax Stick
Wax Stick Wachsstick
Wax Stick is a modern product to accent your whole hair style or just to bring in some highlights. Wax Stick contains for the post part bee wachs and thus nourishes your hair with natural oils. Directions of use: For short hair bring in...
Content 40 Mililiter (£31.88 * / 100 Mililiter)
£12.75 *
Sleek Polish hair wax
Haarwachs Sleek Polish
Sleek is the perfect finisher by modern styling. Take a small quantity on the palm and apply on desired parts. The product will give your hair gloss and elasticity. With UV-protection. Sleek is very easy to wash out.
Content 100 Mililiter
£16.35 * £17.58 *
Hair lacquer long lasting effect
Hair lacquer long lasting effect
With J.SCHIFFERS HAAR hair lacquer your headdressing will remain so until washing or combing. Contains D-Panthenol, Pro-Vitamin B5, silk-hyrdolysat and a component for avoinding statical charge of your hair. With UV-Protection....
Content 250 Mililiter (£8.09 * / 100 Mililiter)
£20.22 *
Styling Spray long lasting effect
Styling spray strong
Directions of use: Styling Spray for finishing a haircut/headdress. Spray the desired quantity at approx. 30cm distance into dry or slightly wet hair. Your haircut remains until next washing or combing. Styling Spray contains...
Content 200 Mililiter (£8.31 * / 100 Mililiter)
£16.61 * £18.00 *